Introducing The Gin of Kings

Many have called the mossy hills and jagged cliffsides of Scotland wild, untamed, mythical. To Scottish Kings, it’s home.

From the Highlands is born a gin marked by rarity and excellence, made with high quality botanicals and pure waters of Scotland. Scottish Kings is perhaps the smoothest hand-crafted gin in history.

After three years of recipe development and a 5,000+ mile journey over land and sea, Scottish Kings is available in some of the finest establishments across Colorado and New York. Follow the link below for a list of locations where you can experience the Gin of Kings.

Scottish Kings lives, and we can’t wait for you to taste the untamed spirit of the Highlands in every pour. Slàinte!

Scottish Kings has received gold medals from multiple tasting competitions including the International Review of Spirits, San Francisco World Spirits Competition, and Denver-based gin critic, The Gin is In.

According to the San Francisco World Spirits Competition judging panel, Scottish Kings is one of the finest products in the world.