Our Story

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Many have called the mossy hills and jagged cliffsides of Scotland wild, untamed, mythical.

To Scottish Kings, it’s home.


Born in the Highlands with a character that derives from its rarity, quality botanicals and the pure water of this remote, unspoiled region of the world, Scottish Kings is perhaps the smoothest hand-crafted gin in history.

Our Mission


"To create the most desirable gin in history while uniting those who value uncompromising quality, exquisite taste, and a gin as unique as its birthplace."

The Scottish Kings Mission Statement addresses both a commitment to quality and building of community. The Scottish Kings family shares an admiration for thoughtful sourcing, travel, and natural beauty, especially in connection with the Highlands of Scotland.

We envision a future in which our Scottish Kings family feels inspired to take risks, discover new things, and come together to celebrate the extraordinary in life with an extraordinary glass of gin.

Our Values

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For Randy Miller, creating Scottish Kings was the culmination of over a decade of travel to the remote Scottish Highlands, and a longtime affection for premium gin.

His wife, Linda, though a Scotch connoisseur at heart, was so supportive of Randy’s gin affinity that she created her own special blend of fresh lime and sweet for the perfect gimlet.

It became clear to the Millers that there was room in the world for a thoughtfully crafted Highland dry gin.


Flavor Profile

Our gin is crafted by hand with the finest botanicals and pure Highland water, and distilled to balanced perfection. The meticulously sourced botanicals derive a heavenly tasting gin that is a delight on its own or the jewel of a cocktail. Balance is the distinctive quality of our gin - it is uniquely subtle, simple, and pure.

Ginmaking Philosophy

We spent three years testing our recipe to determine distillation methodology and botanical percentages, bringing to life what we believe to be the world's best tasting gin.

We are uncompromising when it comes to ongoing quality production to guarantee the highest standards. We hope that you can taste our devotion to the craft in every pour.