Our Wild and Untamed Highland Correspondent


A Highlands Dispatch

Many a mythical creature was born of the Scottish wilderness. No loch monster or equine spirit can boast the same knowledge and prowess as the legend we are here to introduce. From the hills of the homeland comes a thrilling addition to the Scottish Kings team. Prepare for quips and pleasantries, irrelevant ramblings, and ingenious pontifications.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Royal Family, from the Land of Mist and Air, I bring you our wild and untamed Highland Correspondent, Alan the Gallant.

Stay tuned as we post "A Scot’s Thoughts" (alternatively Highland Hearsay or Tartan Talk) to the Scottish Kings Dispatches page from our inimitable Highland Correspondent. No rock shall go unturned as we explore the splendor of Scottish culture alongside this modern legend and Renaissance man.

Happy Hogmanay!

Scottish Kings