The Occasional Chair


The Occasional Chair


Tonight there is a big soccer game happening in my house. Actually it is happening in Germany but I will be watching it in my house.

In oder to do this I have tidied and aligned all the cushions on my couch or is it settee or maybe even sofa.

Odd thing that, a chair is a chair though I suppose it could be an armchair or a recliner or even an occasional chair. 

Strange one that, so, when the occasional chair is not a chair because a small amount of thought will establish that if it is only an occasional chair then, it must also be an occasional something else or maybe even several other things, what the hell is it being? Whilst the sofa wrestles with its own triplicate identity crises, on the other side of the room the part time  chair is pondering, flip flopping. Tables can be occasional and, presumably, chests, trunks, wardrobes, tablecloths, the splendidly named anti macassar (so odd the spellcheck doesn't even recognise it).

Actually there is no such thing as a macassar it can only exist when prefixed with anti maybe like disestablishmentarianism curiously being a movement to get rid of the church meaning the much better known antidisestablismentarianism is not in fact anti but pro.

It all creates very worrying issues for the reincarnation followers who would tolerate coming back as a Lion, Giraffe or even a rodent of some kind but I suspect they would draw the line at returning as a macassar, especially a disliked one. Which leaves me in slight limbo as i continue to wonder which is it? Couch - Settee or Sofa.

The phrase couch potato would suggest a particular, all enveloping, full length, accommodating item whereas settee sounds more like something upon which to sit like someone who sits on anything is a sitee. This leaves sofa which, whilst sounding soft and comfortable doesn't induce a particular mentality - sofa potato has no ring to it.

I do not expect to receive any feedback concerning this dilemma as it will soon be time to retreat to the comfort of my  ?   to watch the Football (soccer)… remember the one played with the feet?

Scottish Kings 'o' clock already,

A the G

From I, Me, Moi.

Scottish Kings